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Geometry Dash: Navigate obstacles in diverse modes, create levels with editor, and share worldwide

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The gameplay of Geometry Dash is highly dynamic, as it varies depending on the game mode, such as the ship mode, which completely changes the gameplay. This is mainly a decision made by the creator, who can alter the gameplay in various ways, including speeds, structure, and determining when the player should click. As a result, the gameplay is not very stable but rather diverse. Geometry Dash has even expanded to include other types of games within it, such as escape rooms or puzzles, showcasing the creativity of the Geometry Dash community in inventing their own game types.

Editor Mode

Geometry Dash features an editor mode, granting players the freedom of creativity to design their own levels. The style of these levels has evolved with each update, whether the creator adds more objects or triggers to allow users to create their own levels. The editor mode includes various objects, such as animations, counters, monsters, among others. With Geometry Dash triggers, players can even create bosses or puzzles, which was a groundbreaking feature introduced in updates 2.0 and 2.1.



In Geometry Dash, there are spin-offs of the official game. These spin-offs always showcase some part of the upcoming update. All spin-offs are free and only work for Android and IOS. In these spin-offs, you can earn more coins and stars when transferring the data to the main game.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a trial/free version of Geometry Dash that does not have online features unlocked. It only includes a few main levels. This is primarily for users to try out Geometry Dash and decide whether to purchase it. It is only available for Android and IOS users, and ads will be displayed upon death, as it is a free game.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown is one of the first spin-offs, providing a preview of update 2.0, which took a while to arrive in the main game. It showcases new movement triggers, monsters, and blocks that would be included in the new update. It has only 3 simple levels with coins, along with new icons and achievements upon completing some levels.

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is the spin-off that previews one of the most anticipated updates, update 2.1. It features two islands with 5 short levels each, unlocking online features and some shops. You could play and complete missions in Geometry Dash World, but access to the editor and some features was restricted. The online levels remained unchanged after the release of Geometry Dash 2.1, with only a few levels and no further additions.

Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero is also a spin-off, offering a preview of Geometry Dash 2.2. It includes only 3 levels and introduces new icons and achievements. These levels incorporate new camera triggers, completely changing the way a level is created. This spin-off was surprising and considered one of the best spin-offs of Geometry Dash.

Game Modes

In this custom mode, various options are included, such as choosing the team, selecting the map, choosing the game mode, among others. Not everyone can join this mode; you have to invite people to the group first and then edit the game as you wish. There are also different cheats available, including auto-respawn, infinite bullets, infinite credits, among others.

Secrets of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash has several secrets, suggesting a storyline. These secrets involve guessing codes, opening doors, obtaining keys, and completing certain levels. The presence of characters like Darkness, RubRub, Chamber of Time, among others, hints at a narrative.



There are various icons in Geometry Dash that you can unlock by completing achievements or discovering secrets in Geometry Dash. The number of icons keeps increasing with each Geometry Dash update. You can customize the icons for cubes, UFOs, waves, etc. You can also change the main and secondary colors, add a glow with customizable colors, include sound effects, and trails for cubes, ships, and more.


There are several shops in Geometry Dash, and these shops will ask for orbs or diamonds in exchange for icons, colors, trails, and more. Some shops are initially locked and require specific conditions to unlock them. There’s even a shop called the Community Shop, which features icons created by the community itself.


Online Mode

With online mode, I refer to the ability to share your levels with other players. There are many features in online mode, such as gauntlets, which are a list of levels with a specific theme. There are also dailies (daily levels with rewards) and weeklies (weekly Demon levels with rewards). Additionally, we have scores where the best players, top creators, and others are showcased. Finally, there are other sections like search, map packs, and more.