How to Cook Without Coal in Minecraft

Have you ever run out of coal? Well, in this article, we'll teach you methods for cooking without coal

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What is this useful for

This is useful for situations where we run out of coal and don’t feel like going to the mine, or it could also be useful for creating farms for this fuel which is not coal. This has great potential especially for technical and advanced players who can take advantage of these different fuels. Fuel materials play a fundamental role in the world of Minecraft, as they serve us both for cooking items, food, among other things, and also give us experience when cooking, so it can be one of the methods to obtain experience; you can make the most of it if you know the different types of fuels.

Materials that serve us for cooking

We will show you the different fuels that are available in the game in the form of a table, remember that you can choose any, it always depends on the situation which one serves you more and which one can help you in different situations.

ItemFuel Duration (Seconds)Items per Fuel1 stack per Fuel
Wood (Any)151.543
Wood Planks (Any)151.543
Wooden Slab (Any)7.50.7586
Sapling (Any)50.5128
Wooden Tool (Any)10164
Wooden Pressure Plate (Any)151.543
Wooden Fence (Any)151.543
Wooden Fence Gate (Any)151.543
Trapdoor (Any)151.543
Crafting Table151.543
Wool (Any)50.5128
Bookshelf (Any)151.543
Trap Chest151.543
Daylight Detector151.543
Note Block151.543
Blaze Rod120125.3
Dried Kelp Block200203.2
Block of Coal800800.8
Bucket of Lava10001000.64