How to get diamonds quickly in Geometry Dash

You will be shown the fastest ways to obtain diamonds in Geometry Dash, as these will be useful to buy icons.

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What are diamonds for

In Geometry Dash, diamonds play a vital role as they provide players with the opportunity to access certain locations and icon customizations within the game. These precious resources serve not only as a way to showcase achievements. Below, we will delve deeper into the function of diamonds, how to obtain them, and what the most effective strategy is for accumulating them. Among the uses of diamonds are the purchase of icons and the opening of vaults in the game. These resources are essential for customizing the player’s experience and acquiring more than just icons, offering the possibility to stand out and express oneself through the choice of icons and colors.

Ways to obtain diamonds

In Geometry Dash, there are various ways to obtain diamonds, each offering a unique opportunity for players and varying in difficulty depending on the level or levels you need to complete. An example of how to obtain diamonds is through the daily and weekly levels, which provide a constant path to earn diamonds as you progress through the level as far as you can. However, if you complete the level, it will give you more diamonds in the daily level, while in the weekly level, it will reward you with a chest full of prizes. Another way to obtain diamonds is through gauntlets (islands with different levels). Advancing through the level will grant you diamonds, and if you complete the gauntlet with all its levels, you will receive a good reward, but it can only be claimed once for each gauntlet. With the 2.2 update, they introduced lists, and completing a list is also an effective strategy to earn diamonds. Finally, missions also offer the opportunity to obtain diamonds, which you can gradually achieve while completing levels in Geometry Dash.


The Best Way to Obtain Diamonds

If you’re looking to maximize your diamond earnings, the best strategy begins with focusing on missions while participating in the lists. Completing levels during these activities will allow you to accumulate diamonds efficiently, as some levels repeat in different lists, and you can claim them without even completing them again. The more the lists increase, the more opportunities you’ll have to obtain diamonds. By doing so, you optimize your time and effort, consistently earning diamonds.