How to obtain Netherite in Minecraft quickly

Learn how to obtain netherite the easiest way in Minecraft Java and Minecraft for Windows, the best mineral in Minecraft.

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What is Netherite?

Netherite in Minecraft is a valuable material and one of the most important for your progress in the game. That’s why it is highly coveted by players looking to upgrade their tools and armor. This material was introduced in version 1.16 of the game, also known as the “Nether Update.” Netherite is obtained by crafting, combining 4 gold ingots and 4 Netherite scraps on the crafting table. This process results in a Netherite ingot, which is then used to enhance diamond tools, making them even more powerful and resistant. Netherite not only provides a significant improvement in terms of durability and strength but also adds a distinctive aesthetic touch with its dark and shiny tone, becoming even brighter when enchanted.

Locations where Netherite appears

The quest for Netherite ore leads players to explore the Nether in Minecraft. This rare and valuable mineral is primarily found in the form of debris scraps in the depths of the Nether. There are various types of enemies that make obtaining this mineral more challenging, but the main adversary in the Nether is lava, as mining can lead to burning in the lava. The recommended height for mining Netherite is between layers 13 and 20, where more ancient debris can be found, ultimately yielding Netherite.

How to obtain Netherite

To obtain this valuable mineral, we first need ancient debris scraps, necessary for Netherite creation, scattered throughout the Nether and must be collected with caution to avoid death. We recommend mining between layers 13 and 20, where you’ll find more ancient debris. Once in possession of the ancient debris scraps, they need to be smelted using a furnace and fuel, resulting in Netherite scraps. Then, skillfully combining 4 Netherite scraps with 4 gold ingots creates the coveted Netherite ingot. This ingot becomes the key to upgrading diamond tools and armor, taking them to a new level of power and resistance. Obtaining Netherite not only signifies a progression in the player’s equipment but also symbolizes victory over challenges in the Nether.