How to obtain obsidian in LEGO Fortnite

In this article, you will learn how to obtain obsidian in Fortnite Lego, one of the nearly final materials to complete the game.

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What tool do I need to obtain Obsidian?

To obtain obsidian in Fortnite Lego, you need a special pickaxe, which is necessary to gather this material. The required pickaxe to obtain this material is a “rare” rarity pickaxe, which is green in color and has an attack of 3. This pickaxe is crafted with “flexwood” and will assist you on your journey to upgrade your tools. You can also mine obsidian with higher rarity pickaxes, such as the epic one, which helps you mine it faster. With a rare pickaxe, you will only deal 9 damage to obsidian, whereas with an epic pickaxe, you will deal more damage and mine it more quickly.

Where can Obsidian be found?

To obtain obsidian in Lego Fortnite, you need to find caves that are well-hidden in the biome area of Dry Valley. Remember to thoroughly check the rocks in this biome, as some are not marked on the map. Keep in mind that entering these areas is very hot, especially in caves with lava. This can significantly affect you, constantly reducing your health. We recommend using a Cool-Headed Charm, which will help you withstand these high temperatures, minimizing the health reduction.

Obsidian is found on the walls of the caves, with a very dark texture. You may need a ramp to reach it, which is highly advisable. Also, be cautious of the monsters that appear, as they decrease your health and may explode some structures. Therefore, be quick in building and resilient in combat.