Learn to use redstone in Minecraft easily and quickly

Learn how to use redstone, a Minecraft system that will help you build farms and interesting things in Minecraft

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Redstone is a kind of reddish powder that serves us to create different complex mechanisms, including simple ones. This material is not only used to create mechanisms but also for crafting very interesting items such as a clock or a compass. With redstone, marvelous things have been created, like a working calculator in Minecraft or a fully functional computer, made entirely with redstone.

How to obtain redstone?

It’s very easy to obtain redstone, probably one of the easiest minerals to find. It is located in mines and underground caves, often close to iron and diamond. There are also redstone veins that help find a large quantity of it. This mineral can be mined with an iron pickaxe or higher for efficient extraction. Other ways to obtain redstone without entering mines include trading with villagers (villagers with the alchemy table) and finding it in chests in some structures.

Basic Redstone Components

Here are the basic redstone components that you can use with redstone to be more efficient and compact when creating redstone systems. All these components serve to activate or deactivate redstone, and here are the basic redstone components:

Redstone Torch

The redstone torch is essentially used to activate redstone. It generates a total of 14 blocks of redstone activation. With the redstone torch, you can achieve some incredible things like activating or deactivating redstone vertically, which is very useful in certain mechanisms. If you give it a signal below the torch, it will turn on or off, depending on the signal you provide.


In Minecraft , the lever offers a functionality somewhat different from a button. Unlike a button that provides a short-duration signal, the lever emits a continuous signal until manually turned on or off. This allows players to keep mechanisms on or off, like keeping a door open or closed, without it changing constantly. The lever can also be connected to various redstone components. Its simplicity and versatility make the lever an essential component for designing more complex redstone systems in Minecraft, giving players precise control over the functionality of their mechanisms.


The button in Minecraft is a redstone component used to activate redstone signals and mechanisms in the game. This small button can be placed on solid blocks, and when pressed by a player or an arrow shot from a bow, it emits a redstone signal for a brief period. The button’s functionality can be connected to various elements such as doors, pistons, redstone lamps, and other redstone components. The duration of the signal generated by the button is short, allowing for the activation of temporary mechanisms.


The comparator in Minecraft is a redstone component mainly used for managing redstone signals. Its primary function is to compare the strength of two signals and produce an output based on this comparison. The comparator can operate in two modes: comparison mode, where it compares the input signal with a stored signal, and subtraction mode, where it subtracts the stored signal from the input signal. The comparator is essential for process automation, giving players the ability to create mechanisms that are activated or deactivated based on certain player-built mechanisms. The following examples show how it can be activated through a chest and another through a lectern.


The Repeater

The repeater in Minecraft is a crucial redstone component for increasing the redstone signal and extending its range. Its operation is based on amplifying the redstone signal, allowing it to cover longer distances without weakening. This component has the ability to receive an input signal and repeat it, creating a new strength, as if you had placed a redstone torch. Additionally, the repeater can also adjust the signal delay, allowing players to control the waiting time before the redstone signal is transmitted again. This versatility makes the repeater an essential tool for building complex circuits and automated systems within Minecraft.

What can be done with redstone?

Redstone in Minecraft is a virtual engineering gem that unlocks endless creative possibilities. This red powder can be transformed into a medium for automation and the creation of complex mechanisms within the game. From automatic doors to sensor-controlled lighting systems, it takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. Its versatility gives users the ability to design traps, drawbridges, and transportation systems, adding a dimension of technical ingenuity to the vast universe of Minecraft.