New trades and cartographers in Minecraft 1.20.2 Pre-Release 2

Mojang Minecraft Pre-Releases include vital changes to villagers and bug fixes, paving the way for the imminent launch of the latest game version


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Changes in Villagers

In this new Snapshot, they introduced Villager Trade Rebalance Part 2. This means that changes have been made to the villagers. In this article, we will review the new changes in villagers, including those among cartographers and blacksmiths. These changes are significant because villagers can play a crucial role in the development of your Minecraft worlds.

The new cartographer villagers

Previously, cartographers sold you maps of the Ocean Monument and maps to locate Mansions for a certain amount of emeralds. With these new changes implemented for Minecraft 1.20.2, they can now sell you seven new maps, allowing you to explore different locations, which was much needed.

The implementation of new changes to librarians made it challenging to locate librarians in each village in different biomes. Therefore, cartographers can now sell you maps that lead to different villages or structures, making it easier to find villages in various biomes. This is undoubtedly one of the best and necessary implementations.

Here you will be shown a table of what the cartographers sell you:

Savannah Village MapSavannah Village MapSavannah Village MapDesert Village MapPlains Village MapSnow Village MapPlains Village Map
Plains Village MapDesert Village MapTaiga Village MapPlains Village MapTaiga Village MapTaiga Village MapSnow Village Map
Jungle Explorer MapSwamp Explorer MapJungle Explorer MapJungle Explorer MapJungle Explorer MapSwamp Explorer Map

The new armorer villagers

Now, the trades of the Armorers have been updated; typically, these were used to easily obtain diamond armor and even acquire other items necessary for progression in Minecraft. When starting the game, you could obtain diamonds without crafting an iron pickaxe; this is the most significant change. It will now show you a table with the trades of the new Armorers.


Changes in the loot of some structures

There have been changes in the loot of certain structures, especially regarding the enchantments that can be obtained in certain areas. So, when searching for a structure, remember that you have the opportunity to find some of these items:

StructureObjects you may encounter
Ancient CitiesRepair
MineshaftsEfficiency (I to V)
Pillager OutpostsQuick Charge (I to III)
Desert TempleUnbreaking (I to III)
Jungle TempleUnbreaking (I to III)