The hitbox will change in Minecraft 1.20.2 SNAPSHOT 23w32a

The new Minecraft snapshot has introduced changes to the hitbox, in addition to the ability to report yourself by either your username or your skin


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Now Chorus Fruit is more useful

In this new Minecraft snapshot 23w32a, they changed the Chorus Fruit. Now, when you fall, you can eat a Chorus Fruit, and it will teleport you randomly on the ground where you won’t take any damage. Even when you are higher up, it will teleport you to the ground without causing harm. This is useful in various unusual situations, such as descending quickly or saving yourself from a fall. This is one of the best changes for Chorus Fruit.


Changes in sounds of some blocks

In the most recent snapshot of the game, modifications have been made to various sounds, with particular emphasis on the transformation of the sound associated with the sponge. It is intriguing, as the sponge lacked a distinctive sound, previously sharing its tone with the grass block. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the adjustment in the tone of the note block and the repeater, as well as other relevant blocks. While these alterations might be considered minor in magnitude, they nevertheless add a new level of individuality and sonic diversity to each of these game elements.


New Change in Mobs’ Hitbox

The way mobs generally attack and their range, meaning their knockback, has been altered. Previously, knockback only took into account the horizontal width of a mob, without considering the mob’s height. Now, it is determined by the mob’s height, which changes many things in Minecraft. Overall, it also fixes numerous errors or nonsensical aspects of the game, where mobs would attack you even if there were blocks in front of them.

Here are some situations in which these changes will affect mobs:

  • If a group of mobs is completely below you or completely above you, they won’t be able to reach you.
  • While riding a medium-sized mob, such as a horse, you will be protected from small mobs like Baby Zombies.
  • While traveling on a tall mob, like a camel, you will be protected from standard-sized mobs, such as zombies.
  • Additionally, Ravagers will no longer be able to attack you through thick walls of a few blocks.
  • However, to escape from an Enderman, you must be at least 3 blocks above the ground, not 1.5 as before.

Now you can be banned for your skin or username

In this new version, you will be given the option not only to report messages in the Minecraft chat but also to report someone who has an inappropriate skin or username. These methods have been implemented by Mojang to make playing on Minecraft servers more strict and secure.

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The New Quick Play

Finally, a new option has been added to the Minecraft launcher, which is the Quick Play. This allows you to open recently played installations immediately. It is activated in settings, under the experimental options section. This means that it may undergo changes or have errors.