The new platform mode of Geometry Dash 2.2

Geometry Dash 2.2 has been updated, and with this update, a new platform mode has been added, bringing a fresh experience for new players

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The New Gameplay

The new platform mode in Geometry Dash 2.2 is distinct and completely changes the game that is Geometry Dash. In addition to bringing a different gameplay experience, you can now move as you please, either left or right, not restricted to a single direction without stopping. It’s now entirely based on your preference. Furthermore, there are different game modes within the platform mode, including “ball,” “robot,” “spider,” among others. It also introduces a new exclusive vehicle, the “Jetpack,” which is similar to the ship. With this, you can fly just like the ship and includes some new animations. For example, when the cube jumps while stationary, it has a bouncy animation. The robot also has an animation when it remains still for a while, jumping gently in the same position.

Ideas for New Levels in Platform Mode

Several excellent levels have been created in the new platform mode, only four days after the release of the update. These levels include puzzles, mazes, and even escape rooms, created by members of the community. Some levels even incorporate a story. There are various types of game modes being created by the community in just a few days since the update was released. Let’s see what fantastic ideas the community comes up with.

What Happens When I Complete a Platform Mode Level?

In platform mode, completion is not measured by attempts but by the time it takes to finish. When you complete a level, it will display the time it took you, along with a leaderboard showing who completed it the fastest globally, among your friends, or in the week. If the level is rated by Robtop, it will provide the new Geometry Dash 2.2 statistics called “moons” based on the level’s difficulty. These moons will be saved in your account and displayed on your Geometry Dash profile.