The new music system of Geometry Dash 2.2

Geometry Dash 2.2 includes a new custom sound system, available for all level creators and players

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What can be done with this new sound system?

With this new system, we can customize the music in a personalized way, meaning however you like. You can change the menu, the songs in practice mode, and finally, you can customize the music and sound effects in the editor mode, creating your level, adding more dynamism to the level, and more ambiance. This feature was added by Robtop in the Geometry Dash 2.2 update, making it one of the best options in Geometry Dash. Most levels include these sound or effect changes, cuts, among others, especially in platform mode.

How to change the menu music?

To change the menu music, you need to purchase the “Music Customizer,” which can be found with “The Mechanic” in “The Treasure Room” (the area of the chests, located behind a door down to the right). With this, you can customize the music as you like in the menu. There are two ways to change it:

The first is to find a level, download the music, and next to the composer’s name, there is a button called “More.” Press that button, and two options will appear at the bottom left. Select the button that says “Menu,” and it will change to the song of the level you entered.

The second way to change the menu song is to go to the main screen and then press the settings button, click the “Options” button, go to the “Audio” section, and you will see a folder button with a music symbol. Press there, and all the downloaded audios will be displayed. Find the song you like, press the “More” button, and finally, at the bottom left, you will see a button called “Menu,” and voila, the menu music will be changed.

How to change the music in practice mode?

To change the music in practice mode, it is also necessary to purchase the “Music Customizer.” You can choose one of the previous steps. In summary, select a song, next to the artist’s name, there is a button called “More,” and options will appear to put the song in practice mode. Although it is much better to choose the practice mode song with the music from the level.

To be able to listen to the level’s song in practice mode, you need to buy something called “Music Unlocker” needed in the diamond store. When you buy it, you must activate it. The fastest way is to enter a level, pause the level, and then in the top right, a settings button appears. Activate the “Practice Music Sync” option, and there you go, you can listen to the original song in practice mode.

How to change the music in the editor mode?

You can also edit the songs in platform mode with various new triggers, which allow you to choose a song or a sound effect that you can edit various properties of, such as when you want the music to start, when you want it to end, its volume, music speed, among others. There are also sound effects, which you can configure similarly to the songs, but as the name suggests, they are only sound effects.