The wonderful new Minecraft Live 2023 trailer

Minecraft Live 2023 is approaching, where new updates about Minecraft 1.21 will be revealed

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What’s Coming in Minecraft Live 2023?

In this article, we will explore what might be coming in Minecraft Live. While the Minecraft articles have confirmed that we will see Mob Voting, news about Minecraft, and Minecraft Legends, this time Minecraft Dungeons will not make an appearance as explained in the Minecraft article.

When is Minecraft Live 2023?

Minecraft Live 2023 is on October 15, 2023, at 1:00 PM EDT. You can watch it on Minecraquiet/live. Here is a schedule for some countries:

11:00 AMGuatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica
12:00 PMPeru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama
12:30 PMVenezuela
1:00 PMBolivia
2:00 PMChile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil

Mob Voting

In this Minecraft Live 2023 event, the mob voting will take place, as always, featuring three mobs to choose from. This was announced in the Minecraft article and in the video trailer for Minecraft Live 2023.


When will the mobs from the votes be released?

There is still a more or less estimated date, which is the beginning of October 2023 or the end of September 2023. On these assumed days, the mobs that will participate in the votes will be announced on the Minecraft channel.

On what day can the mobs of Minecraft Live be voted on?

According to the Minecraft article page about Minecraft Live, the voting will start on October 13, 2023, showcasing the mobs that can be voted on.

Where can you vote for the mobs of Minecraft Live?

In the Mob votes, only those who have purchased the game, meaning in a premium manner, can vote. Unfortunately, for those who have not made a purchase, they won’t be able to vote. If you are a premium user and have the opportunity to vote, you can do so on:

What might come in Minecraft 1.21?

There is much intrigue about what might possibly come to Minecraft 1.21. There are many speculations on social media, with some people discussing and discovering clues in the Minecraft Live trailer that may reveal what Minecraft 1.21 will be about.

End Update?

Many people are asking Minecraft to make some updates to the End, which has been neglected since version 1.9—a very controversial update due to the new combat system. However, as we know, Mojang listens to its community, and a decision to make this update might be taken. In the Minecraft Live trailer, a Stronghold (the structure to reach the portal leading to the End) was observed, which features the new libraries introduced in Minecraft 1.20. This could provide indications of a possible update, and there are also many floating islands visible.


Warden Portal Update?

In the Minecraft Live 2023 trailer, the Warden, previously featured in other Minecraft Live events, takes center stage. Additionally, in the update where the Warden was introduced, some blocks were named portal. Interestingly, the Warden itself has a kind of unbreakable portal, suggesting the possibility of a new Warden dimension. This could potentially add more depth to the game’s storyline.