Villagers will change in the 1.20.2 SNAPSHOT 23w31a

Exploring Minecraft 23w31a snapshot's new features, gearing up for the imminent release of Minecraft version 1.20.2


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Trade Balance for Villagers

There have been some interesting modifications to Nomadic Traders and the role of the Librarian. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try out these experimental features, you just need to activate them from the options menu when creating a new world. It’s like stepping into an idea laboratory, as, being an experiment, various changes could emerge as it progresses, with the community providing feedback. So, go ahead and explore these innovations and be part of this ever-evolving evolution.

Changes to the Wandering Trader

Some players thought that the Wandering Trader was overcharging and not offering many good items for sale. So, Mojang got to work and reduced the prices, in addition to adding some new items for trading. Oh, and now the wandering vendor not only sells things but also buys them! So, if you have useful items, you can give them a new home and, in the process, help other players on their journey, even if you don’t feel like buying anything at that moment! Now you have the opportunity to buy these items:

ItemAmountPriceMaximum Trades
Bottle of water111 trade
Water bucket121 trade
Milk bucket121 trade
Fermented spider eye131 trade
Baked potato411 trade
Hay bale111 trade

Now you have the opportunity to sell these items:

ItemAmountPriceMaximum Trades
Log (Any type)814 trades
Iron Pickaxe (Random Enchantment)16 - 201 trade
Invisibility Potion151 trade

Changes in Librarians

Players used to have the possibility of acquiring any type of enchantment from the librarians in villages. Incredibly, even a novice librarian could offer the most powerful enchantment in the game, such as mending or fortune III. This unbalanced the trading experience compared to the alternative of using the Enchantment Table or searching for Enchanted Books in different structures. With this recent update, librarians residing in different habitats such as the jungle or savannah have received an interesting novelty: they now possess unique enchantments ready to be acquired. Additionally, each ecological zone within the village is represented by librarians containing exclusive enchantments from their particular environment. These changes lead players to use their skill and ability to access the most outstanding enchantment options, rather than simply relying on luck. With this change, Mojang’s intention is to inject a renewed dose of excitement and strategy into transactions with librarians. By purchasing enchantments from villagers from different biomes, players will also have the opportunity to unravel clues about the unique history surrounding each type of village as they uncover the mysteries surrounding the enchantments offered in every corner. There are 2 types of books, regular books, and special books. Special books are obtained by leveling up the villager to the maximum level, and regular books are only obtained by leveling up the villager. Here is the list of librarians by biome:

Book TypeDesertJunglePlainsSavannahSnowSwampTaiga
Special BooksEfficiency IIUnbreaking IIProtection IIISharpness IIISilk TouchMendingFortune II
Regular BooksFire ProtectionFeather FallingBlast ProtectionKnockbackAquatic AffinityDepth StriderExplosion Protection
ThornsProjectile ProtectionSmiteBinding CurseLootingRespirationFlame Aspect
InfinityPowerArthropods’ BaneSweeping EdgeFrost WalkerCurse of VanishingFire Aspect

Finally, with this update, now you can only cure zombie villagers once to lower prices. Previously, you could cure them multiple times, causing some villagers’ prices to drop to just one emerald. This has been removed, and now it can only be done once.

Changes in Diamond Ore Generation

In this snapshot, the amount of diamond ore in the deeper zones of Minecraft has been increased. Mojang developers aim to ensure that uncovering diamonds in the deep layers of slate becomes much more satisfying. Additionally, diamond has become a mineral used in many aspects, thanks to the 1.20 update.