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Valorant shooting game, where one team has placed a bomb and the other team must kill all members of the opposing team or defuse the entire bomb

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The gameplay of Valorant depends mostly on the game modes; there are several game modes, including Normal, Competitive, among others. Some game modes vary, while some are similar, but let’s primarily focus on the main gameplay, the Normal or Competitive mode. Valorant is a 5 vs. 5 game mode, where one team will plant a bomb called the spike, and the other team will try to prevent the spike from being planted. Additionally, Valorant features agents that players can choose, with the rule that the same agent cannot be repeated within a team. Agents have different abilities and are categorized as Duelist, Initiator, Support, among others. These abilities play a crucial role in gameplay. It’s important to mention the in-game currency that players receive based on winning or losing. This money is vital for gameplay since it allows players to purchase weapons and abilities, which are used to confront the opposing team.

Game Modes

Game modes in Valorant are significant as they bring variety to the game. Various modes have been introduced since Valorant’s launch, including SwiftPlay, Tea DeathMatch, among others. These modes differ significantly, and in this review, we will focus on the main game modes.

Main Game Modes


Normal mode is where two teams, each consisting of 5 players, face off. One team attempts to plant the spike, while the other team tries to prevent it. In this game mode, players can buy weapons, and it’s crucial to also purchase abilities.


Competitive mode is similar to Normal mode but includes a ranking system with various rank types that determine your skill level. The following image displays all the available ranks in Valorant:

Spike Rush

Spike Rush is a mode where money is not required, and both teams have identical weapons randomly assigned. Additionally, there are orbs on the map that provide various benefits such as activating your ultimate, running faster, obtaining a better weapon, among others. In this mode, everyone has the spike, and any player can plant it, while the other team tries to prevent the spike from being planted.


In this customized mode, it includes various options, such as choosing the team, selecting the map, choosing the game mode, among others. In this mode, not anyone can join; you first have to invite people to the group, and then you can edit the game as you wish. It also features different cheats, such as auto-respawn, infinite bullets, infinite credits, among others.


There are several maps in Valorant, which are added over time and even receive changes in the maps. Recently, there was a change in the Breeze map, where it underwent various modifications. These maps are crucial for gameplay as they define the angles you need to watch, where to attack and defend. As of today, September 10, 2023, there are 10 maps that have been added since Valorant was launched.



There are various agents in Valorant, each of which undergoes many changes with every update. There are categories among the Valorant agents, such as Initiator, Duelist, among others. These agents are essential as they possess abilities and an ultimate. Depending on the agent you choose, you may find it easier to plant the spike or not. This not only depends on the agent but also on your shooting accuracy. The latest agent added as of today is Deadlock.



There are several important weapons in Valorant; obviously, these serve to attack or defend the base by eliminating agents from the opposing team. Various types of weapons exist, with the most commonly used being the Vandal, Phantom, and Operator. The Vandal and Phantom are more popular because, depending on the distance, a headshot can either kill the agent or deal 140 damage to the enemy. On the other hand, the Operator is a long-range weapon that kills with a single shot from legs to head. Shooting below the legs won’t kill the enemy but will reduce their health.

Valorant Weapon Statistics

Each weapon has different statistics that define how the weapon operates, including damage output and other factors. When you open the purchase menu, on the left, you can see the pistol section with available options and their prices. On the right, shield options are displayed. If you select a weapon, it provides details and statistics. This also applies to abilities shown at the bottom, where a brief explanation of each ability is provided.


Weapon Skins

There are various weapon skins in Valorant, which cost Valorant Points, the currency of Valorant. These can be purchased in the store or in the Night Market (a place where you receive cards with random weapons and a random discount). There are several weapons with animations, finishers, reload animations, among other things. These skins also come in the Valorant Battle Pass; these weapons are always included in each Battle Pass or with an announcement of a new weapons pack. Here, we will show you an example of weapons:



Valorant’s graphics are very colorful and enjoyable. They have excellent lighting in certain parts, which is pleasing to the eyes, and they feature well-designed environments. The menus and various elements are well-executed, with good orientation and easy visibility for players. Even with all graphics settings on low, the game looks good.