What do the difficulties of Geometry Dash mean?

Difficulties are something very essential in Geometry Dash, which represent all the levels of this game. In this article, you will get to know them.

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What are difficulties

Difficulties in Geometry Dash determine whether the level is difficult or easy, each presenting a unique challenge that can be assigned by Geometry Dash mods and eldermods. To define these difficulties, they involve a combination of factors such as speed, obstacle complexity, and rhythm synchronization. Additionally, it is important to note that some difficulties can be recognized with a “rate” or even an “Epic” by Robtop. These recognitions can influence the quality and merit of a level, indicating that it has been evaluated and considered noteworthy.

Types of difficulties

As of the publication date of this article, there are several difficulties representing each level in Geometry Dash, ranging from easy levels to demon levels, each presenting a unique challenge for players. Automatic levels, known as “Auto,” are characterized by not requiring any key presses. On the other hand, “Demon” levels, considered the most difficult, offer an extreme challenge for the most skilled and courageous players.

In the following list, we will classify them by difficulty, starting from the easiest and ending with the most difficult. Additionally, the number of stars awarded will be indicated, excluding the main levels of Geometry Dash, which provide a different number of stars:

Auto: These levels are characterized by being automatic, meaning you don’t have to press anything to complete them. They generally display cinematics or automatic levels and grant you 1 star upon completion.

Easy: These levels are the easiest to complete, as they do not require much effort. They are characterized by being easy and having some automatic parts, granting you 2 stars upon completion.

Normal: These levels are slightly more difficult than Easy, and they can also be short. They grant you 3 stars.

Hard: These levels often appear in Geometry Dash dailies. They are characterized by not having many automatic parts and being somewhat frantic, granting you 4 to 5 stars.

Harder: These levels are difficult, featuring very complicated and frantic parts. They grant you 6 to 7 stars.

Insane: These levels are very difficult, appearing rarely in dailies and featuring tight or very frantic parts. They can be long and grant you 8 to 9 stars.

Demon (Easy Demon, Medium Demon, Hard Demon, Insane Demon, Extreme Demon): These levels are the most difficult in the entire game, so much so that they were divided into 5 difficulties because they became too difficult. They will grant you 10 stars.

NA: These are unrated levels, characterized by being very random and not granting any stars.

How to search for levels

To explore levels in Geometry Dash, simply navigate to the magnifying glass located in the online game menu. Upon pressing it, a list of faces appears on a horizontal bar. By selecting any of these faces, they will light up indicating they are activated. You can choose several faces at once and then press the search button. Depending on the difficulties you have selected, the corresponding levels will be displayed. For example, if you choose “Easy”, only levels classified as “easy” will be shown.